About us

If you wish to escape from the daily routine, or just to try something unusual, we invite you to visit the restaurant that has the real Indian spirit and flavour – Sue’s Indian Raja.

The restaurant is located in the heart of the city, near Gediminas Avenue, where you can admire the nice view of Cathedral Square while tasting mouth-watering North Indian dishes.

Sue’s Indian Raja – elegant and authentic Indian restaurant, where every detail creates a perfectly pleasant atmosphere. When one opens the restaurant door, you will be greeted by a genuine statue of Ganesh surrounded by typical colours of India – all this will allow you to dive in and enjoy the spirit of India, without stepping out of Vilnius.

The restaurant offers a wide variety of Indian dishes, so everyone will find something to satisfy the taste: spicy curries, Tandoor baked naan bread and kebabs, Samosas, Pakora, Ciata etc. Indian cuisine is known for its vegetarian dishes so all vegetarians will find a wide selection of exotic Indian dishes. Sue’s Indian Raja observes the highest standards, always serving only fresh and flavourful food. It is important to note that Sue’s Indian Raja only uses the spices and rice, which are selected and shipped directly from India, so dishes are authentic and not reproducible in the absence of these elements. Our experienced chefs from India will ensure that your food is cooked in accordance with all the requirements and standards of Indian cuisine so that you can enjoy an authentic Indian food served on your table.